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Copyright – 2008 – ERFO
Copyright – 2008 – ERFO

While so called primary fuels are standardised internationally, such standards were not available for fuels derived from waste. These fuels include two categories:

While the mandate of CEN TC 335 covers all fuels purely derived from "biomass" as defined the scope of the Waste Incineration Directive 2000/76/EC,  the Initiates file downloadmandate of CEN TC 343 is on fuels derived from all other non hazardous solid wastes.


CEN TC 343 started in beginning of 2003. The products of CEN TC 343 are  Technical Specifications (TS), Technical reports(TR) and EN standards which are available at national standard bodies. The publication list is available at the CEN website, see CEN TC 343. For the classification of SRF a basic document has been used which describes the actual situation in Europe for those parameters that are of special interest. 

The upgrading of TS to EN comprises the validation of the TS’s based on the outcome of the  Quo Vadis project. The Quo Vadis project started in 2005 as a common project of the European Commission, universities, institutes and industry and was completed beginning of 2008 (see the internal part of the website for more details, only available for ERFO members).