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ERFO is composed by a number of producers or would-be producers of recovered fuel within Europe.


The organisation has as main goal: to promote the use of recovered fuel prepared from non hazardous waste and to make it socially and politically acceptable and technically feasible.


ERFO is convinced that the development of recovered fuels under strict environmental and economic conditions has major advantages:

  • Recovered fuels will substitute primary fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal, which will reduce the necessity to extract such non-renewable fuels and limit the import of primary fuels into Europe.
  • Recovered fuel will constitute a valuable solution to part of the waste problem as a useful application, especially for waste fractions which are not recyclable as material or which cannot be avoided.
  • The use of recovered fuel can save a high amount of CO2-emissions or emissions of other greenhouse gases.
  • Recovered fuels do also contain various amounts of components which represent renewable sources of energy.


In view of reaching its goal ERFO wants:

  •  To support the activities of CEN, especially TF 118, on the normalisation of recovered fuel by gathering and providing information.
  •  To support the development of international, European and national legislation in order to enhance the use of recovered fuels.
  • To create a forum of open social discussion on the theme of the application of recovered fuel. To achieve this, contacts are taken at several levels with the international, European, national and regional responsible authorities, with environment protection groups and with users or potential users.
  • To increase and expand the technical applicability of recovered fuel in accordance with the users and potential users.


All ERFO members make the following commitments:

  • Make sure by control of the input that under no circumstances hazardous waste will be used for the preparation of recovered fuel from non hazardous waste.
  • Make sure that the worked out solutions and used of prepared fuels will not result in an increase of the emissions of pollutants to the atmosphere.
  • Abstain from any commercial discussions during their reunions and from any activity that can cause a hindrance to competition.


ERFO will open its membership to European producers of recovered fuel, who subscribe to this charter. ERFO also foresees the possibility in the future for other interested parties such as users of recovered fuel, producers of primary materials, environment protection groups, representatives of the public authorities to become active in its organisation in some way and within the set conditions that will be determined in the statutes of ERFO.