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Definition SRF

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SRF = « solid fuel prepared from non hazardous waste to be utilised for energy recovery in incineration and coincineration plants and meeting the classification and specification requirements laid down in EN15359 (Standard from the European Standardisation Committee).

Note: prepared here means processed, homogenised and up-graded to a quality that can be traded amongst producers and users»


Information about fuels

For SRF European standards have been established. the standardisation process took some ten years, during which a lot of information on SRF has been generated. Here ERFO presents available information on solid recovered fuels (SRF), which are collected during the Öffnet einen internen Link im aktuellen Fensterstandardisation work and other activities of ERFO.
For the purpose of classification ERFO prepared a basic document, which describes the actual situation in Europe of SRF  for those parameters that are of special interest for the classification.
The document "classification of solid recovered fuel" is available via the link.
A typical example of a fuel producing plant in this case in Ludres (near Nancy) France. Capacity 20.000 t /a SRF (click to enlarge).

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