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General introduction

Copyright – 2008 – ERFO
Copyright – 2008 – ERFO

ERFO (European Recovered Fuel Organisation) is a non profit association, founded in 2001 by European companies producing Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). SRF are solid fuels prepared from non-hazardous waste to be utilised for energy recovery in incineration or co-incineration plants and meeting the classification and specification requirements laid down in the EN15359 European standard.

ERFO’s main aim is to promote the production and use of SRF in Europe. To that aim, ERFO supports standardisation of SRF and participates in research projects. ERFO participates in European political debates concerning policy and legislation related to SRF.


ERFO believes that SRF will be an important fuel for the future. It is a substitute for fossil fuels such as coal, pet-coke and natural gas. As part of SRF is biogenic of nature, SRF also contributes to the European goals for renewable energy. Moreover, SRF constitutes an essential tool in proper waste management. Many waste fractions which cannot be easily reused or recycled, particularly if they are composed of materials that are difficult to properly sort or separate, may have a high caloric value. Transforming such waste fractions into SRF will guarantee that the remaining energy value will be used at the highest efficiency.

Membership to ERFO is open for companies producing or intending to produce SRF.

Download here the general ERFO brochure