Our promise

  • Explaining the importance of sorting of waste and production of SRF. The concept of SRF is future proof. It coincides with environmental policies.
  • Helping the members with SRF issues. How? By informing, facilitating, advising, supporting, connecting and representing our members.
  • We are working on added value of SRF for customers. This is reflected by the sustainability of SRF, it’s flexible use and it’s standardised quality

ERFO (European Recovered Fuel Organization) is the binding party between different organizations and different interests. To governments (lobby) this will mainly be to emphasize and explain the importance of SRF. Towards members and customers it is mainly about informing, facilitating, advising, supporting and connecting.

What are recovered fuels and SRF?
Recovered fuels are produced from non-hazardous waste streams such as Municipal Solid Waste, Construction & Demolition Waste and Commercial and Industrial Waste. But also mono waste streams such as rubber or dried sludge can constitute a recovered fuel. When produced in accordance with European

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