This privacy statement is for all visitors of ERFO’s website.

Contact details and administration
The website and all related subsites are administered by European Recovered Fuel Organisation (furthermore to be called ERFO). ERFO is an association registered in Belgium.

Rue d’Arlon 21
1050 Brussels

For inquiries concerning privacy contact

Privacy policy
Data of website visitors are stored anonymously and permanently, unless stated else in the cookiebar. Data can not be traced back to a person or an organisation, unless an e-mail address is known to us by means of subscription to a newsletter or by contact initiated by the visitor.

Anyone contacting us for any reason for which data are required, will be asked for such data by us. Where possible we use links to our own system, which may mean that we may need log-in details of (online) marketing platforms. Furthermore we may have name and (e-mail) address details already available from other sources and which may be used by us.

We store the following data of suppliers and clients :
– Financial data
– Name and address details
– Website visit when permitted through acceptance of cookies

Special and sensitive information
We do not collect special and/or sensitive personal data. We can not verify the age of visitors and whether they have permission from parent/guardian. It may therefore happen that we process data of under 16 year persons. Our website and activities do not target under 16 year persons and we recommend those responsible for children to be aware of their online activities. Should anyone suspect that we do keep data of under 16 persons we will remove such data on request.

Purpose of data
We use data for the following purposes:
– Invoicing
– Communication about our activities
– Improvement of our activities and of our website
– Sending information, for instance a newsletter
– Acquisition of new members

Automated decisions
We do not take decisions based on automated processing which may have impacts for persons. This concerns decisions taken by computer programs or -systems without interference of a human.

Storage period
– Data of website visits: unrestricted. Use for historical and statistical analysis
– Data used for contracting: unrestricted. Use for good execution of contracts and management, aftercare and analysis
– Personal data: as long as fiscally required
– Other data: compliance with legislation

After this storage period data are removed.

Sharing data
We do not sell data and only provide data when required by law or when permitted by visitors, suppliers or anyone else. In any case where our cooperation with third parties requires sharing of data, we sign a data processing agreement.

Security of data
We take security of data of visitors, suppliers and anyone else seriously. We do our best to prevent abuse, loss, unauthorised access, unwanted publication and unwanted change of data. If inadequate security or abuse is suspected please contact

Right of access, of amendment, of transfer and of removal of data
Any person has the right to access, amend or remove own data. Furthermore any person has the right of transfer of own data. This means that such data will be sent to this person or to another person when so requested.
A request for access, amendment, removal of transfer of personal data or a request to revoke permission for processing personal data can be sent to In order to be assured that a request is done by the right person, we will ask to send a copy of a identity document. We will respond to a request within eight weeks.

ERFO has the right to change its privacy statement without informing website visitors. Amending the statement on the website fulfils.